Jayce Wong is an award winning London-based jewellery designer classically trained as both a jeweller and gemologist. Jayce’s creations express her own eclectic yet elegant style. Her pieces embody notions of city-chic. They are bold, modernist and fun, yet have a classic element, which makes them timeless.

Jayce grew up between Hong Kong and America surrounded by jewellers and it was under her grandfather’s direction that she learnt some key skills at a very early age.  Her design talent was clearly inherent; one of her oldest memories is of taking pieces of her mother’s broken and unwanted jewellery apart and transforming it into wearable and interesting pieces.

Aged eighteen Jayce moved to London to complete a Bachelors and Masters in Jewellery Design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. She saw the city as a melting pot of cutting-edge style and design with a rich history and culture: a perfect place for inspiration and an embodiment of her design aesthetic.

During her studies Jayce frequently used obscure and phenomenal gems to transform her jewellery designs into tiny pieces of wearable art. This interest drove Jayce to discover more about the beauty of coloured stones backing up her interest with knowledge by gaining a diploma in Gemmology at the Gemmological Institute of America.

Samples of Jayce’s signature cocktail rings were being stocked by leading London jewellery store Kabiri even before the designer had graduated from her masters, and it was anticipated that Jayce would set up her own brand, which she did in 2009. The designer now manages all aspects of her own business as well as working as a creative consultant for other jewellery houses.

At the core of the Jayce Wong brand is the ethos of exceptional craftsmanship. Her jewellery is hand designed, hand made and created from only the finest materials and individually chosen gemstones.

For Jayce jewellery is a way of life. Each piece is a result of her desire to turn what she perceives to be beautiful into a practical accessory.

Jayce’s designs are a-typical. They are inspired by all parts of the world around her, from past to present. They evoke her Chinese heritage and echo the art deco architecture of 1930’s America. Yet, with her distinctive modernist style, Jayce brings these influences up-to-date with the contemporary by merging them with prevailing global trends and attitudes.

In 2011 Jayce was selected for the Professional Jeweller HOT 100 list and in 2012 Jayce won ‘New Jewellery Designer of the Year’ at the Retail Jeweller Awards.

Now in its fourth year Jayce Wong is fast becoming a go-to brand. Jayce continues to push boundaries creating pieces, which, whilst embracing trends, also manage to transcend them.